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Few things can be as frustrating to a lady as waking up every day in a marriage to realize that you are having unfulfilled dreams due to being denied your long held goals by the ‘man of the house.’

Conflicts of interests usually arise when children become part of the family. Also, some men think that allowing their partners go after goals could threaten commitment to the marriage and often they aren’t wrong.

Research shows that women are far more likely to achieve their professional ambitions if their partner supports them (or if they stay single). But even for women whose partner is committed to equality, it’s difficult to navigate the challenges of a dual-career life.

To make sure both people are aligned on what they want and need, discuss your long-term personal and professional goals early in the relationship. Be clear about what support you need to achieve these goals and where it will come from. To keep the lines of communication open, have regular face-to-face sessions where the two of you sit down and talk about goals and support. Listen to everything the other person needs to say, and then repeat back what you heard to make sure you understand. Doing this may seem a little awkward, but it could save your relationship.

- HBR, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Eze Uwaezuoke

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